Amy started Jervois & Co. with the vision to create an agency that was bolder in not just the way it looked, but how it operated both behind the scenes, and with all stakeholders involved in a transaction. But it was a lot more to her than just a transaction. Developing a fully transparent strategy of sale has enabled Jervois & Co. to provide a seamless experience where the results and feedback speak for themselves.

Not being tied to a franchise gives Jervois & Co. the freedom to offer a customised, creative approach to selling each and every home. Plus having people that work, live and love the are also helps.

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Matt has been “in real estate” for almost 9 years. Sure, we could talk about knowledge and experience, but it speaks more about his relentlessness and passion for the business and his passion to get his vendors the best price.

Client focused in his approach, Matt revels in the one-on-one. It’s about providing a valuable service while putting the deal together. Dedicated, disciplined, and easy going, Matt’s skillset ranges wide; from multi-million-dollar homes to apartments to having a (borderline) addiction to buying art and an appreciation for a good Whiskey. And after years in the industry through changing and challenging markets, Matt recognises the importance of hard work and tailored campaigns – hence his move to a more dynamic boutique brand which makes him a perfect fit to excel the Jervois & Co brand and service we offer our people.

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